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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

In this era of highly-connected Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise of the cloud, companies and businesses are facing increased threats to their computer networks. The networks in our times are less monolithic and more distributed, microservice-based networks. Large scale data breaches are happening almost every day, and in these troubled times you have to take care to ensure that you are not losing precious data and sensitive information.

“IBC offers a complete cybersecurity solutions to protect and secure your network from malicious threats.”

IT Security

Information Technology Security alternatively known as IT Security is the method of administering measures and systems that are designed to safely protect and also safeguard information; this might be personal data, still images, multimedia presentations, voice conversations, business data, motion pictures, etc. Information is protected by making use of various forms of technology that have been developed to create, store, use and exchange information against any unwarranted access, malfunction, modification, misuse, destruction, or improper disclosure. This is done so as to preserve the value, availability, confidentiality, integrity, intended use and its ability to perform their permitted important functions.

The most efficient strategy to attenuate and also minimize the effects of a cyber attack is to build a solid foundation upon which you can develop your cyber security technology stack. At IBC the one stop IT company, we can help you in developing a robust cybersecurity system which will protect your sensitive data and help protect your system from cyber attacks and hackers. With our solid cybersecurity foundation we will identify the gaps in your present system and propose the appropriate action to mitigate the risk of an attack. With a solid foundation an organization gets the confidence to build their cyber security strategies.

Advanced services

Our experts assess your existing environment, processes and technologies, analyze your business problems and develop a business case to solve them.
Comprehensive integration services With our integration services, we’ll help you successfully deploy and implement identity and access management solutions that meet your unique security requirements, achieve lower cost of ownership, and enhance the user experience. Our integration services include proof of concept services and technology integration and methodology, to technical support services.   

Proven technologies

Our team of security experts and dedicated project managers use identity and access management processes and tools based on industry best practices  To ensure an optimal implementation, we can test your security solution on our  IT environment.   

Trusted IAM Experience

We have delivered identity and access management services to public and private sector organizations with the most stringent requirements in Luxembourg and Uk, from the government to the banking and industry sectors. We can establish a governance model consistent with your business policies to control identity and access beyond the walls of your organization, from remote employees and customers to contractors and business partners.    

Some of the IAM Solutions We Support

“Protect your network with cybersecurity solutions from IBC. Contact us today to design a robust and authentic cybersecutiry platform to help you handle malware attacks and data theft.”